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Terms of Use

Applicable to all Websites owned, managed and designed by the owners/members or personnel of Weltevreden Truck Finance cc, commonly registered under the domain name of truck.co.za - URL http://www.truck.co.za

Your use of the Weltevreden Truck Finance cc Website is subject to the following conditions, without exclusion or waiver:

1) Definitions


For the purpose of this document, a Website shall collectively mean any text, graphics, hypertext mark-up, any scripts or applications and any other internet downloads that are possible using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (all as defined by Weltevreden Truck Finance cc) including accesses to such content using non-standard methods, such as email retrieval.


For the purpose of this document, the term Weltevreden Truck Finance cc Website shall mean any or all of the current, previous and future Websites created, designed, supported, and / or hosted by the Websites listed under the URL http://www.truck.co.za/


For the purpose of this document, usage shall mean any access to a specified Website, reading of any material contained therein, any distribution of concepts, ideas, statements, images or claims to any other party or any other reasonably application of the information contained in any or all Websites, as defined above.

2) Choice of Law

Should any legal matter for any reason whatsoever or any legal action or interchange be required wherein Weltevreden Truck Finance cc or any of its associates is implicated, such action shall be subject to the laws and provisions of the Republic of South Africa. No jurisdiction may be exercised over Weltevreden Truck Finance cc in any country other than the Republic of South Africa.

3) Disclaimer of Warranty; Limitation of Liability

By accessing, reading or in any other way using or distributing any ideas, concepts, statements, images or claims elicited in whatever matter from any of the said Websites as listed above, you agree to exclude the owner and any of its associated companies, clients, personnel, suppliers and other associates from any liability whatsoever.

You agree to exclude the Closed Corporation and any of its/their associated companies, clients, personnel, suppliers and other associates from any liability or warranty or any other action if - as a result of your usage of any of the said material contained within the Website/s - you suffer from any injury or are subject to any action of whatever origin. Your usage of the said Websites and / or reliance upon any of the information contained therein is at your own risk.

With the exception of this document, the entire contents of all said Websites are for informative purposes only. Weltevreden Truck Finance cc and its/their associates disclaim the accuracy of any data on any said Website at any given time. Any claims or statements made shall not be considered in any manner the policy of the Closed Corporations or its associates unless otherwise specified.

In consideration of the above, in no event will the Closed Corporations, or any person or entity involved in creating, producing or distributing any said Website, be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising out of the use of or inability to use any said Website. You hereby acknowledge that the provisions of this document shall apply to all Websites.

4) Copyright

All the materials, ideas, concepts, images and other contents of the Websites are copyrighted. By using this Website you agree not to use any such content with the prior written approval of the Closed Corporations. In particular no IVECO trademark or name may be used in any connection whatsoever.

5) Monitoring

The Closed Corporations reserve the right to monitor and log all activities and content on the said Websites. Furthermore, the Closed Corporations reserve the right to publish such logs and analysis of Website activities. Without limiting the foregoing, the Closed Corporations shall have the right to remove any material that, in its sole discretion, it finds to be in violation of the provisions hereof or otherwise objectionable.

6) Agreement

By accessing any of the said Websites, you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein and accept that Weltevreden Truck Finance cc may - at any time and without warning - modify the contents of this document. You shall be bound by the most up-to-date contents of this document should you wish to bring about any action whatsoever resulting from your use of the said Websites. The Closed Corporations shall not be responsible for any usage by any person who fails to agree to these terms.

7) Images

Permission is granted to bona fide students of any institution to freely download any truck image for the purposes of any school or educational institution project subject to obtaining permission to do so by email. At no time may any of these downloaded images be published on the Internet, in a newspaper, journal, magazine, brochure or any other form of distributed media without the express permission of the Closed Corporations or the Copyright holder nor may they be distributed by email. Any infringement of Copyright will be vigorously prosecuted.

8) Trademarks

All or any trademarks or corporate symbols, names or logos depicted on our Website/s belong to their owner/s and may not under any circumstances be downloaded or used for any purpose whatsoever.

Specific Email Issues:


Everything in e-mails and attachments relating to the official business of Weltevreden Truck Finance cc is proprietary to the closed corporation. It is confidential, legally privileged and protected by law.

Weltevreden Car & Truck CC does not own and endorse any other content. Views and opinions are those of the sender unless clearly stated as being that of Weltevreden Truck Finance cc.

The person addressed in the e-mail is the sole authorised recipient. Please notify the sender immediately if it has unintentionally reached you and do not read, disclose or use the content in any way.

Weltevreden Truck Finance cc can not assure that the integrity of any e-mail communication has been maintained nor that it is free of errors, virus, interception or interference.