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Hydraulic Tail Lifts

A wide range of column lifts and hydraulic tail gates are available to suit many and varied applications. These are available for export and we arrange fitting of the components in Johannesburg.

 Column Lift Gas Bottle.jpg (15147 bytes)

Column Lift Dropside.jpg (15789 bytes)

For lifting gas bottles    Standard rear column lift
The majority are Electro-hydraulically operated and suit vehicles with both 12 Volt and 24 Volt systems.

 Tuckaway folded.jpg (13103 bytes)

Tuckaway tailgate folded

 Tuckaway open.jpg (17058 bytes)

Tuckaway tailgate open

 Column Lift Rollover Door.jpg (13716 bytes)

Column lift with rollover door

 Column Lift Swing Door.jpg (8011 bytes)

Column lift swing doors

Simple and easy to operate they can be used with Pallet Jacks to reduce labour handling costs considerably and increase loading speed considerably.

Ideally suited for local deliveries. We are able to fit units to both the rear and kerb sides of most trucks, trailers or semi-trailers.