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Aluminium Explosives Body


MOUNTING: The van is mounted on timber longitudinals between the chassis and 178 x 54 rolled steel channel longitudinals which are welded to the 76 x 38 steel channel cross member with triangle steel gussets securing the cross member to the longitudes and the longitudes to the chassis with ā€˜Uā€™ bolts.
FLOOR: The floor is constructed of 2,5mm mild steel plate supported by 76 x 38mm R.S.C. sections welded laterally over the longitudes.
FLOOR LINING: The floor is covered by 13mm hardboard and bolted down with countersunk brass screws.
SIDES, FRONT & REAR: These are constructed of 1,2mm aluminium sheets huck bolted to 2mm thick mild steel top hat sections spaced 500mm apart.
SIDE LINING: Sides of van are lined to a height of 1,200mm with 6mm hardboard secured with aluminium rivets.
CORNERS: All corners are square.
ROOF: 1,0mm chromoprep sheets are huck bolted to the channel mild steel roof sticks. The corners are square and the roof bows are radiused for water run off approximately 500mm apart.
TAILLIGHT BOX: A full width recessed box to accommodate taillights, indicators, chevron and reflectors.
SIDE LOADING DOORS: One pair of double doors are provided with a steel framework. All steel protrusions are covered by aluminium strip and inside lined with 6mm Masonite. Additional side doors are an optional extra with the longer vans.
VENTILATORS: An adequate number of ventilators (airvac roof) are supplied.
REQUIREMENTS OF THE INSPECTOR OF EXPLOSIVES: The following are items  included for Diesel Trucks:
EXTINGUISHER: One only 9Kg ABC dry powder Centurion Fire Extinguisher fixed to the floor in cab.
FLAGS: Four red flags with poles and brackets mounted on the four corners of the van.
CUT OUT SWITCH: One four pole Bosch 0341003004 electric cut out switch mounted in the cab.
DOCUMENT POUCH: One document pouch mounted on the cab door.
OPTIONAL EXTRA: Re-routing of the exhaust to the front of the wheels will be undertaken by ourselves.
INSPECTION : If at the insistence of the Inspector of Explosives, inspection of the vehicle is required, this will be arranged. Otherwise the necessary forms will be completed by ourselves.