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Conditions of Sale

  1. For the purposes of this document "the Seller" shall mean Weltevreden Truck Finance cc.
  2. The "Purchaser" shall mean the person purchasing the goods and shall include all parties acting on behalf of the Purchaser in any given transaction.
  3. The "Goods" means any product offered for sale by the Seller at any time.
  4. All Goods offered are subject to price increase and/or prior sale.
  5. All quotations will clearly indicate the price of the Goods in either United States Dollars (USD), South African Rand (ZAR), Euro (EUR) or any nominated currency. Where applicable a rate of exchange and date will be issued.
  6. Our normal terms are strictly CASH ON DELIVERY. Unless specifically arranged ALL PURCHASES must be paid for in Cash. No credit is permitted under any circumstances unless supported by Bank guarantees acceptable to the Seller or by means of our special financing options.
  7. Deposits 50% when confirming order. Balance payable prior to shipment
  8. A pre-condition of supply is that ownership of Goods remains vested in the Seller until paid for in full.
  9. Where any price is quoted the validity of such quotation is 30 (thirty) days. Any extension of the validity will be binding only if supplied in writing. We regard ourselves as being bound by our quotations only when the Purchaser has completed acceptable financial arrangements by the due date.
  10. The costs of SGS, Bureau Veritas or any other inspections are to be borne by the client.
  11. Letters of Credit must be irrevocable and confirmed, payable on sight at the counter of the confirming Bank against presentation of shipping documents or handover of the Goods to the shipping agents, whichever occurs first. Letters of Credit must be drawn on or confirmed by "first class" European or North American Banks and acceptable to our Bankers and to ourselves, the Seller/s. Part payments, part shipments and trans-shipment MUST BE ACCEPTED. Detailed LC terms are as listed below.

    Payment is required by way of Irrevocable and Confirmed Letters of Credit, drawn on a 1st Class European Bank in favour of Weltevreden Truck Finance cc, payable at sight on presentation of Invoices and Shipping Agents receipts at the counter of First National Bank, Cresta, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa or any other nominated Bank in South Africa / Italy / Singapore / Jersey. All Bank charges of any nature to be for the clients account and paid up front.

    1. Typographical and/or spelling errors, if any, will not be considered documentary discrepancies.
    2. Part shipment is to be allowed.
    3. Transshipment is to be allowed.
    4. Part payment is to be allowed.
    5. Letters of Credit must be valid for a minimum of 12 months.
    6. Only invoice to quote letter of credit number.
    7. All documents to be in English.
    8. Third party documents to be acceptable.
    9. Late presentation and stale documents acceptable.
    10. Telegraphic reimbursement to be allowed to draw on a nominated bank with 3 business days value.
    11. Expiry place to read: South Africa / Italy / Singapore / Belgium (as specified in quotation)
    12. If required to do so, the Purchaser shall provide Letters of Credit which permit pro-rata payments to nominated third parties.

      No vehicle may leave the country of production before payment is received in full, unless clearly indicated otherwise in our offer or signed contract.
      No order will be processed until all contractual and financial arrangements have been completed to our complete satisfaction.

  12. All costs in respect of Letters of Credit are for the Purchasers account including confirmation.
  13. Delivery and Insurance charges apply to all Goods to be delivered outside the borders of Gauteng Province, South Africa. Prices are available upon request.
  14. Any direct shipments from Europe shall be insured by the Purchaser.
  15. Where chassis/cab units are ordered the responsibility to ensure correct body mounting shall fall on the Purchaser. Failure to mount bodies or components in accordance with Manufacturers Body Mounting Instructions may void all warranty on the vehicle concerned. Full information regarding body mounting will be supplied on request.
  16. Weltevreden Truck Finance cc shall not be obliged to furnish any reason whatsoever for refusing to supply any specific type of truck to a client.
  17. Some makes or models of truck may not be supplied to certain countries for various reasons, particularly in instances where we do not consider them either technically suitable or where we do not believe they can be adequately supported by after sales service. In certain instances franchise agreements may make it impossible to supply a certain make or model of vehicle.
  18. Any new vehicle supplied will be subject to the Manufacturers warranty for the vehicle as offered in that particular country. No warranty cover is offered on any vehicle where servicing has not been carried out in terms of the manufacturers recommendations or where
  19. The onus to ensure compliance with the Road Ordinance and Road Traffic Laws in any specific country other than South Africa rests with the Purchaser who, if any doubt regarding a vehicles legal compliance with such laws or regulations, should make contact with the appropriate authorities in that country in order to satisfy himself that the purchase and specification is in order.
  20. The Seller takes no responsibility for late delivery of any Goods exported from South Africa due to reasons beyond the Seller's control. All delivery dates are given in good faith but we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by civil unrest, riot, weather, impassability of roads, accidents en route, strike or labour action, foreign exchange controls, delays at border posts for any reason or any other action on the part of a Government or Nationals of a foreign country.
  21. Any truck or trailer models may be discontinued, modified or upgraded without prior notice. The Seller reserves the right to offer an alternative vehicle and cannot be held responsible for any changes, alterations or discontinuations of product by Manufacturers.
  22. No Goods will be supplied to any party where international embargo's are in force or where export of such Goods is prohibited by either the Manufacturer, country of origin of the Goods or the government of the Republic of South Africa.
  23. Should any legal matter for any reason whatsoever or any legal action or interchange be required wherein Weltevreden Truck Finance cc or any of its associates is implicated, such action shall be subject to the laws and provisions of the Republic of South Africa. No jurisdiction may be exercised over Weltevreden Truck Finance cc in any country other than the Republic of South Africa.

Please note:

Due to the increasingly international nature of our business our conditions of sale are likely to be subject to change from time to time.