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Tridem Semi Trailer


MAIN BEAMS: 6mm thick hot rolled steel web in neck and transition area; 5mm thick hot rolled steel web in main section. 100 x 12 ‘Thirty Oak’ high strength steel flanges.
CROSS MEMBERS: 100 x 50 x 5 mild steel pressed channels full width of trailer at 600mm spacing.
FRONT & REAR RAILS: 178 x 54 R.S.C. chosen to resist coupling impacts and rugged rear loading conditions.
SIDE RAIL: 178 x 54 R.S.C. welded to each cross member for uniform load transmission.
RUBBING PLATE: 10mm mild steel plate reinforced with extra deep cross members.
KINGPIN : STD. 50mm SAE pin manufactured from BS-87--653DH31 and secured with castellated nut and split pin.
FLOOR: 4,5mm mild steel plate welded continuously to peripheral rails and space welded on underside to cross members.
LANDING LEGS: JOST E200 G, two speed, steel, squareleg, heavy duty sand shoes, braced to withstand loading from any angle. Near side operation.
SUSPENSION: Protea Model SMT 6085 Tridem Multi-leaf suspension.
AXLES: Model TM22500 series trailer axle, 1816mm track, 420 x 180 S-cam brakes, hubs with 10 studs on 335mm PCD (7/8" BSF or 22mm x 1.5 pitch) including standard slack adjusters and air chambers. Axle inboard brake drums.
BRAKES: Protea 420 x 180 S-cam designed to meet S.A.B.S. SV1051 regulations.
RIMS: 7.5 x 20 disc type, hi-tensile steel with 11mm thick nave 10 stud.
BRAKE OPERATION: Twin line air conforming to latest S.A.B.S. standards.
LIGHTS & WIRING: DIN 7 pin socket 12 volt system, combination stop, turn and double taillights with heavy duty bulbs.
TYRES: 1100 x 20 x 14 ply supplied including spare.
MUD FLAPS: Motor Body Constructions anti-sail.
SPARE WHEEL CARRIER : Basket type carrier two off.
MISCELLANEOUS: Toolbox 950 x 406 x 406 welded to frame on underside.