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Steel Water Tankers



CAPACITY: As specified.
SHAPE: Elliptical
TANK: Will be elliptical in cross section of 4,5mm mild steel plate and electrically welded throughout. Machine pressed dished ends.
BAFFLES: Adequate transverse baffles will be fitted with hinged doors in the centre of the baffles to facilitate easy cleaning.
MATERIAL: 4,5mm thick mild steel plate.
MANHOLE: One 450mm diameter manhole with a quick release hinged screw type clamped lid and situated at the highest point of the tank. Rubber seal in the form of a rubber ring which is to be secured to manhole flange.
OUTLET: 75mm outlet at the lowest end of tank.
OVERFLOW & AIR INLET: At the highest end of the tank for access to the manhole.
LADDER: A tubular ladder will be fitted to the tank for access to the manhole.
SPRAYER: Sprayer with adjustable spraying width. Three nozzle type.
1) Fill tank from reservoir.
2) Empty tank through spray disc or direct outlet.
3) Pump and fill other tanks.
4) Gravity through spray disk.
5) Pump through spray disk.
6) Bypass water through pump to tank.
HOSE BRACKET : Hose brackets for one 6 meter armoured suction hose that will be supplied with the tank and a 75mm foot valve fitted to suction hose.
CRADLE MOUNTING: The tank will be mounted on a continuous subframe with rubber mounted cradle mountings to petrol tanker regulations for heavy duty off road conditions.
LONGITUDINAL MOUNTING: The tank will be mounted on two longitudinal runners, and the whole unit ā€˜Uā€™ bolted to the chassis with balata belting between the chassis and the runners. The tank will have 75mm fall to the rear for easy and complete discharge.
INTERIOR OF TANK: Will be cleaned with dioxidine, then painted with two coats of anti-corrosive bitumenastic paint.
EXTERIOR OF TANK: Will be thoroughly ground and sanded in preparation for painting, followed by zinc chromate primer and finished off with two coats of synthetic enamel.
MUDGUARDS: Mudguards will be fitted over the rear wheels of the chassis.