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Mild Steel Dropside Bodies


Length - to suit chassis
Width: 2360 (Internal)
Height of sides: 450mm (Internal)
MOUNTING: The body is mounted on 178 x 54 rolled steel channel longitudinals which are welded to the 76 x 38 steel channel cross members with triangle steel gussets securing the cross member to the longitudes and the longitudes to the chassis with ā€˜Uā€™ bolts as per manufacturers requirements.
FLOOR: The floor is constructed of 2,8mm or 4,5mm mild steel plate supported by 76 x 38mm R.S.C. sections welded laterally over the longitudes.
CAB PROTECTOR: Pressed 2,8mm mild steel channel frame electrically welded on top front board.
FRONT BOARD: 2,8mm or 4,5mm mild steel plate welded to floor and pressed channel frame.
SIDES AND TAILGATE: Dropside and tailgate of 2,8mm mild steel pressed and strengthened and hinged to floor.
DOOR FASTENERS: Sides secured to front, centre and rear posts with dropside handles. Tailgate locking into rear posts.
POSTS: Drop centre and rear posts of 5mm mild steel and held in position with ā€˜Fā€™ pins.
RETRO REFLECTORS: Reflectors and chevron board fitted to Road Ordinance requirements.
FINISH: All welding slag, dirt and grease will be removed and material given a coat of corrosion inhibiting primer. Body will be finished painted in two coats of good quality industrial enamel to required thickness and in the colour specified.