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Refuse Packer for the Maldives

We have received an order through our Agents, Unimax Maldives Pvt Ltd, (Dealer Principal Mr AG Moosa), from the Ministry of Defense and National Security of the Islamic Republic of the Maldives for a CALABRESE Model CH409 Mini-Packer to be used on the Islands.

Preparation of the vehicle for shipping. The truck is an IVECO TurboDaily Model 66.12 with a 3300mm wheelbase. The Packer is a CALABRESE Model CH409 which is ideal for use in confined areas, narrow streets and alleys as well as in buildings which have height and width restrictions.

The compactor ready to be loaded for shipment to the Maldives - we use flat rack containers for this purpose
This unit was shipped by complex routes to be able to reach its final destination in Malé.

This is a new project as the Maldivian people have an earnest desire to maintain the beauty of the Islands and control waste pollution in their beautiful tourist destinations.