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Peri-Urban Buses

Due to the reliance placed on bus transport in and around urban areas in Africa our buses have been designed with special emphasis on the needs of the communities they serve...


Typical bus built on to a Mercedes-Benz chassis. It is 65 seated passengers, standing room for a further 21 passengers, roof racks and rear ladder, drivers "slam" type door and folding mechanical passenger door, vinyl bench type seats and drivers cage are fitted standard.


Similar Mercedes-Benz bus without a roof rack.


An ERF Trailblazer bus built for use in the Umtata area of the Eastern Cape Province (formerly Transkei) customized to the clients requirements. This bus operates in very hilly terrain mostly on untarred roads. Seating capacity 67 seats.
All the above bodies were built by General Body Builders, our associates in Durban. Our buses are normally built either in Johannesburg or Durban...

Email us regarding your special requirements....