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Standard Tipping Body


Internal length - To suit chassis
Internal width - 2290mm
Internal height - To suit chassis and volume requirement.
FLOOR: 4,5mm mild steel plate and 76 x 38mm rolled channel cross members.
SIDES: 3mm mild steel fixed sides with vertical stiffeners and heavy duty rub rails.
TAILGATE: 4,5mm mild steel reinforced top or bottom hinged tailgate controlled by lever at front of body or automatic control.
HOIST: Hyva 12 ton capacity direct trust underbody hoist model UCB145-5-1900 hydraulic cylinder giving a 45 degree tipping angle, tipping speed +/- 30 seconds.
PUMP: Gear type pump close coupled P.T.O.. with a displacement of 65 cm3/REV. with a pressure set at 120 bar. P.T.O. and controls to be supplied by chassis supplier.
HOIST CONTROLS: Hydraulic control valves for up, down and hold. All controlled from cab.
SAFETY PROP: Robust support for body in semi raised position.
MOUNTING: Body mounted in accordance with chassis manufacturer’s requirements.
FINISH: Metal descaled, phosphate coated and primed with zinc chromate. Body will be finished painted in two coats of good quality industrial enamel to required thickness and in the colour specified.
PAINT: Paint as cab or one colour to customer requirements.