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Wrecker Trucks

Winch type wrecker, mechanical type, to fit most makes of vehicle over 13200kg, power take off operated.  Supplied to us for the Local Market and Export

Wrckbody.jpg (4962 bytes)
Roll On unit with hydraulic rams and winch, can be fitted to most makes of vehicle

Specialist wrecker trucks of all types are available. Please contact us with your requirements. Vehicle range 1 ton Light Commercial Vehicle to 95 ton Gross Combination Mass 6x4 Truck...

Key Benefits

bullet    Very wide range
bullet    Good delivery
bullet    Very robust tested equipment
bullet    Underlifts
bullet    Roll On Offs
bullet    High Class chassis availability
bullet    Reliable Agents:
For more details on our Agents refer to our Agents page....

Pantser 16H supplied recently to our clients

Email us and tell us exactly what you require - we will respond within 24 hours...