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International Quotations - General

  1. Where possible quotations for all equipment will be sent via email.
  2. All quotations will be sent in Word or standard email format.
  3. Specification sheets will be sent in .jpeg / .jpg format.
  4. Drawings will be sent in .dwg format and you will need some form of CAD program to view or print these. We suggest you use a free program called IntelliCAD®

If you do not have access to these programs please advise us of what software you have and we will try to oblige.

Always, please supply Company Name, Your name, Full address and Telephone and Fax numbers so we can contact you. If you know your International Time Zone please send this as well.

Local Quotations

  1. These will be sent by Snail Mail, Fast Mail, Fax or email as above.
  2. We do not use local courier services.

Always, please supply Company Name, Your name, Full address and Telephone, Cellular and Fax numbers so we can contact you.

Major Projects

Quotations for major projects and purchases will be sent by FedEx courier.

FedEx offer a Parcel Tracking Service (see below).

International Quotation Tracking Procedures

In order to be able to present our quotations in good time and complete form we have chosen FedEx as our carrier.

The system works as follows:

  1. We hand over the parcel to FedEx and obtain an International Air Waybill Number.
  2. This number and date of departure is sent to you by email immediately.
  3. Once received by you this information may be traced by using the FedEx Tracking System by pressing the FedEx Logo below.
  4. Please do not wait if you cannot get the information - contact us by email and we will check it out.