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Truck Mounted Conveyor Belt Winder

Developed locally in South Africa for mining operations is this conveyor belt winding system where relatively easy handling of conveyor belts (for replacement or repair) is now made much easier with this purpose designed truck.

3 metre diameter roll of belt wound on to the belt winding vehicle ready for transfer

Old belt laid out ready for recovery and repair

The belt being transferred from the belt winder to the transport vehicle for delivery to the repair and maintenance facility

The shaft are easily removed to facilitate transfer of rolls and replacement of the spool for the next roll.

Roll lengths:  Up to approximately 300 metres depending on thickness of the belt.

Roll widths:  600mm to 2200mm but wider available upon request.

Custom design for clients is possible and practical

The entire operation is hydraulically controlled with controls positioned behind the cab according to customer requirements.

Spare spools are stored on the truck deck and all tools can be stored in the toolboxes supplied as part of the equipment.