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Vacuum Tanker


TANK: The tank will be elliptical in cross section fitted with machine pressed dished ends.
MATERIAL: Mild steel plate electrically welded together.
BAFFLES:  Adequate transverse baffles will be fitted with hinged doors in the centre of the baffles, this facilitates easy cleaning and inspection.
MANHOLE: 600mm diameter manhole will be fitted in the front of the tank with a quick release lid.
MOUNTING: The tank will be mounted to two longitudinal bearers and the whole unit bolted to the chassis, on cradle type rubber block mountings.
DUMP VALVE: A 230mm quick acting dump valve fitted at rear.
SLOPE: The tank will slope 75mm towards the rear.
HOSE: A 100mm internally armoured hose will be fitted with suitable hooks for carrying the hose.
EXHAUSTER: Broom B35 exhauster P.T.O. driven.
VALVE: A quick release gun metal faced valve will be fitted at the rear for suction and delivery.
SNIFTING VALVE: A suitable snifting valve will be fitted so as to admit atmosphere to the tank in case of over filling.
VACUUM GAUGE: A 100mm dialed vacuum gauge will be fitted in a convenient position visible from the cab.
VACUUM RELEASE: A 50mm cock will be fitted in the suction line for breaking the vacuum in the tank. A 12mm cock will be fitted to the 100mm valve to break the vacuum in the hose.
FOUL AIR DISPOSAL: The air from the exhauster is passed through a silencer which is fitted in a convenient position.
PLATFORM: A platform is fitted at rear with steps and handrails for personnel.
PAINTING: The tank will be thoroughly ground and sanded in preparation for painting followed by two coats of primer, and finished off with two coats of synthetic enamel to the customer’s colour requirements. The interior is painted with Black Bitumen
GUARANTEE: Our products are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship, material or design for 12 calendar months. Damage due to accident or abuse or fair wear and tear is not included in our guarantee.