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Blasting Cartridge Carrier


BODY: The roof, walls and floor shall be manufactured of 3mm mild steel plate, welded together. Full details of the method of construction and of ensuring rigidity shall be shown on the construction plans.
FLOOR: The 3mm mild steel floor of the magazine shall be overlaid by 38mm thick tongue and groove hardwood attached by countersunk brass bolts, which shall be butted over.
RUBBING STRIP: Six 50 x 19 x 4500mm wooden strips equally spaced shall be fitted to the floor along each side wall, with brass screws countersunk and puttied over, to form a platform 600 wide x 4500mm long on each side on which the cartons can be placed.
LINING: The inside of the wall and roof shall be covered with 6mm hardboard spaced approx. 50mm away from the mild steel wall, thus forming a gap which shall be insulated with polystyrene, polyurethane or similar material to reduce temperature fluctuations.
SIZES: The interior of the magazine shall be 4500 long x 2150mm wide. The roof height shall be between 1900 and 2300mm above floor level. (A 300 carton magazine shall be 6800mm long).
PAINTING: The body shall be rustproof and painted white.
VENTS: There will be six chrome plated approx. 200 x 100mm ventilators in the roof. The ventilators are fitted in two rows of three symmetrically spaced above the 50 x 19 x 2500mm wooden strips of the floor. The ventilators shall be of the type which (a) can only be operated from inside the vehicle and (b) when opened automatically covers the opening with a perforated plate and (c) is spring loaded to ensure that it is either fully open or shut.
SUN ROOF: A metal tropical roof (double roof) shall be fitted about 50 - 80mm above the normal roof of the vehicle.
DOORS: A door 915 x 1850mm high shall be centrally fitted in one of the 2150mm walls of the magazine. The door shall be hung on three substantial hinges of the type as shown on the plan H.209. There shall be three moving bolts at the front edge of the door and three fixed bolts at the rear edge of the door; the same as on a safe or vault door. The mechanism shall be locked by a 6 lever lock. The construction of the door and body must be so rigid that the movement during transport of the magazine will not damage and/or impair the ease and efficiency of the operation of the lock. The door shall be fitted in a "A" frame type of structure.
DOOR LINING: Non-ferrous metal must be used to line the door opening and the edges of the door. An aluminium or brass wearing strip must be fitted over the edge of the floor. The cross section of the door shall be the same as the walls. That is 3mm mild steel, approx. 50mm polystyrene and 6mm hardboard. The door shall be a good fit to make it as waterproof as possible and in addition there shall be a drip channel over the door. The door shall have no edges so as to prevent forcing.
SKIDS: The magazine shall be fitted with two 178 x 54mm rolled steel channel skids. The magazine may be fitted with four suitable placed lifting lugs.
PLANS: Plans, in triplicate, showing the construction details and embodying these specifications shall be submitted for approval before construction is commenced.