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Rockdrill 5000


The mast being raised to drill a test hole prior to shipment of the unit. All rigs are thoroughly tested before being handed over to Clients.


  • Light
  • Robust
  • Maintenance free
  • No cables, chains, pulleys or sprockets
  • Rods and casings easily handled
  • Very simple and easy to operate
  • Unskilled operators can be taught to use the equipment easily
  • Specifically designed for African and 3rd World countries

The Rockdrill 5000 Rig can be fitted to any heavy duty 6x4 or 6x6 Truck chassis. We prefer the IVECO Range as they have been proven in arduous off road conditions throughout Africa and the Middle East and are available in the configurations required for drilling purposes and we carry chassis in stock for this purpose.


The Derrick

The derrick is fabricated from hollow drawn steel tube and hot rolled sections. The feed cylinder has a 6,5 metre stroke and is coupled to an inner derrick which carries the rotary head.

Rotary Head etc

The rotary head consists of a single high torque rotary motor coupled to an air-mud swivel with extra heavy duty bearings which take all forces produced during drilling operations. The bull shaft on the air swivel has a 4,5" Full hole thread to which the drill string is attached. A built-in shock absorber on the head minimizes vibration and shock loads to the machine and drill string. A hydraulic 2 speed system is fitted as a standard to all machines. The rotary head is fitted to an inner derrick which runs inside the outer derrick on 6 heavy duty tyres which almost eliminates all wear.

Hydraulic Outriggers

Four hydraulic outriggers are fitted to the outer corners of the rig for easy and accurate leveling of the rig.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Twin hydraulic cylinders are used to raise and lower the derrick and to lock it in for angle drilling operations.

Control Panel

All hydraulic controls are fitted into a single panel in front of the operator making the operation of the machine very easy and simple even for unskilled operators. A finger tip down feed valve is fitted to ensure even pressures during drilling operations.

Working Table

The working table is fitted with removable half ring guide collar locks, which when removed, allows 600mm diameter tools or augers to pass through. Guide bushes are supplied to suit the drill string.

Power Pack

The power pack consists of a 6 cylinder turbocharged Deutz diesel engine, close coupled to a 3 stage positive displacement gear pump. All necessary air, fuel and oil filters and coolers are fitted.


Keeper keys and rod handling tools are supplied to suit the drill string.

Break Out Cylinder

A breakout hydraulic cylinder is fitted to facilitate the breaking of hammers and drill rods.


A 10 litre in line oil lubricator for DTH hammers is fitted as standard.


This is a light but very robust and maintenance free machine ideally suited for African and 3rd World conditions. The derrick has no cables, chains, pulleys or sprockets that wear out and break at the most untimely situations. The rotation head movement or stroke is 6,5 metres, enabling 6 metre rods and casings to be easily handled. The "Rockdrill 5000" is a very simple and easy machine to operate making it ideal for unskilled operators. Being designed in South Africa, Patented and Manufactured with over 200 machines running in the Mining, Exploration, Water Well and Piling Industries has proved that the "Rockdrill 5000"a popular and robust machine.