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Personnel Carrier


BODY LENGTH: 12 500 mm
OVERALL WIDTH: 2600 mm maximum permissible.
CONSTRUCTION: Chromoprep panels huck bolted to galvanized top hat stiffeners.
CHASSIS: Two member straight frame.
ROOF: 1,0 mm chromoprep with square corners resting on roof sticks at 450 mm intervals.
SIDES AND FRONT: 1,2 mm chromoprep flat sheeting. The panels used for the sides and front are 1200 mm wide, a heavy gauge galvanized top hat section stiffener is welded to the floor and roof cant rail. The panels are huck bolted to the top hat section.
FLOOR: 4,5 mm Mild steel vastrap continuously welded with drain holes for washing.
RUST PREVENTION: The sides up to 12" above the floor and also in the corners will be sprayed with Plascon epiduct Epoxy finishing which gives a good chemical solvent acid and water resistant, as well as excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance.
BUS TYPE SLIDING WINDOWS: 997 x 645 mm on the two sides and two fixed emergency windows on the rear sides.
VENTILATION: 14 Flomatic roof ventilators will be fitted in the roof.
ENTRANCE: One (1) 1000 mm side opening doors will be fitted with recessed access steps at kerbside.
HANDRAILS:  Will be fitted longitudinally in the roof.
INTERIOR LINING: Sides up to cant rail and roof insulated with polyurethane and clad with 1 mm chromoprep sheeting.
EMERGENCY DOOR: A 1000 mm wide emergency door will be positioned at the kerbside front.
SCUTTLE VENTS: Four (4) ventilators will be fitted in the front bulkhead which can be operated from the inside of the vehicle.
EMERGENCY BELL: An emergency bell will be fitted in the drivers cab operated from the bus.
LIGHTS: Six (6) dome lights will be fitted down the centre line of the bus which are operated from the cab. Stop and taillights and flicker lights will be fitted to comply with the Road Ordinance and height marker lights will be provided outside.
PAINTING: The entire unit will be thoroughly ground and sanded in preparation for painting. The metal will be thoroughly degreased by the application of deoxidise, followed by two coats of primer and finished off with two coats of synthetic enamel in any one colour.
SEATS: Nickel chrome fibre glass 3 x 2 transverse.