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Roll On Container Handler

Ideal for the servicing of many sites where loading and waiting times are critical factors, one truck equipped with the LR Series equipment could handle as many as 15 sites during a working day depending on distance and commodity carried.

This equipment is manufactured by TFM Industries (Pty) Ltd in South Africa.

It is also suitable for use with trailers which can be loaded and unloaded by the same equipment

LR8-tlr.jpg (7539 bytes)

Various Container options are available, and many more can be custom designed to suit a Clients needs...

Logger.jpg (3332 bytes)
Pallet type handling frame with optional stakes

Crane pallet.jpg (3408 bytes)
Body and Crane combination, optional drop sides

8m3.jpg (3018 bytes)
8m3 open container with option of fixed or drop sides

15m3.jpg (3189 bytes)
15m3 open container with option of drop or fixed sides

30m3.jpg (3748 bytes)
30m3 container, double rear doors standard

Gen set.jpg (3551 bytes)
Portable generator, power pack, compressor etc...

Compactor.jpg (3560 bytes)
Compaction container for industrial waste, ideal for hotels, high rise etc..

Site hut.jpg (3955 bytes)
Portable buildings, site huts etc for construction company use

Storage tank.jpg (3432 bytes)
Storage tanker, aluminium, steel, 3Cr12, stainless steel etc...

Dock packer.jpg (3891 bytes)
Portable dock packer for industrial waste

Vac tank.jpg (3782 bytes)
Vacuum tanker with a number of options

Sludge.jpg (3435 bytes)
Standard sludge container for various waste products

Pressure.jpg (3709 bytes)
Pressure tank for bulk solids transportation

Grain.jpg (4529 bytes)
Special container for bulk grains and other farming products

Pallet frame.jpg (2827 bytes)
Pallet type handling frame for timber products

Side loading.jpg (3729 bytes)
Side loading closed type waste container

Discuss your special requirements with us