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Two Compartment Diesel Tanker


1. The tank will be elliptical in cross-section, manufactured from 5mm thick mild steel plate with 5mm mild steel plate machine pressed dished ends.
2. The tank will have two compartments separated by 5mm thick mild steel pressed section bulkheads.
3. Adequate internal longitudinal baffles will be fitted in each compartment to combat transverse surge caused by operation with partly filled components.
4. A double mild steel valance of inverted ‘Vee’ section of sufficient strength to support the full length of the tank contents and chassis combined, and also to absorb impact forces in the event of the vehicle overturning will be continuously welded around the top of the tank, including both ends, and will be complete with double drain tubes, front and rear and left and right, running outside of the tank to below chassis level. A non-slip catwalk will be supplied inside of this valance on the top of the tank.
5. An access ladder to the catwalk will be provided on the near side, at the end of the tank nearest the cab affixed at the top of the valance and at the bottom to the tank mounting pedestals.
6. The tank will be mounted on the chassis frame by means of mild steel pedestals welded to the tank with full width doubling plates, rubber blocks of minimum thickness 50mm and ‘U’ bolts around the chassis members, all to dimensions and design of proven efficiency as optional extras.
7. An approved Fulcrum petrol type oval manhole cover size 422 x 308 model F2200 with pressure and vacuum venting for normal and emergency breathing will be fitted to each compartment.
8. 40mm male dry break adapter for bottom filling to eliminate spillage of fuel will be fitted under the tank.
9. Mild steel mudguards of robust construction, complete with H.D. Mud flaps will be fitted over the rear axle wheels.
10. Substantial mild steel bumper will be fitted in the rear. The complete vehicle will be supplied complete and fitted with all reflectors and chevrons as required by all Provincial Traffic Ordinance. Reversing lights, supplied by the chassis supplier will be fitted into or onto the bumper as optional extra.
11. Two 9Kg dry powder chemical fire extinguisher and mounting bracket will be supplied and fitted on the offside behind the vehicle cab and in close proximity to the emergency valve release operator handle as an optional extra.
12. Exterior painting of the tank, chassis and all external components will be to specifications supplied by customer.
13. A Fulcrum emergency valve is fitted in a sump at the bottom of the tank with a emergency valve bottom operator to close off the bottom of the tanks in an emergency.
14. Meter - a Fluid power meter model 981 50mm which has a 4 digit reset and a 7 digit non reset totalizer which reads from 5 to 195 l/m. This metre is not assized as the fuel is not for resale.
15. Hose reel - One only hose reel model 7972/CS large capacity including 9 metres of 20mm hose ball stop and foot control nozzle.